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in the meantime… August 15, 2008

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Today marks one week from Team Awesome’s arrival in Charleston for the school year! To get you guys ready and tide you over for the next 10 days or so until CofC radio goes back on the air, here’s a few great albums that came out this summer. Listen to them in the meantime.

Great Summer Album Releases (by K since E & J have yet to post):

“Feed the Animals” – Girl Talk. We all saw Girl Talk in March in Athens, GA and it was one of the best shows I’ve been to. Also the sweatiest I’ve been to. While “Feed the Animals” isn’t as instantly amazing as “Night Ripper,” it’s still pretty darn good.

“Partie Traumatic” – Black Kids. Clever, fun, slightly-embarrassing-to-admit-you-love indie pop perfection.

“In Ghost Colours” – Cut Copy. Ok, technically it came out in April, but I discovered it this summer so I’m counting it. E & J will probably make fun of me for loving this record as much as I do, but it’s so good! 80s revivalist electronic dance/pop heaven,

“Nouns” – No Age. Now to the other end of the spectrum. Fuzzy, vaguely angry rock music, kind of like your next door neighbor’s high school garage band that’s actually pretty good and landed a record deal.

So there you have it, some stuff to busy yourself with while you wait anxiously for CofC radio’s return to glory. Enjoy! and expect a few more posts from me in the coming week as tonight is my last night of work and I’ll be really bored all week.



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